Blepharoplasty and BOTOX®

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery to remove excess skin of the upper eyelids. Often times due to normal aging the upper eyelid skin droops excessively which can often affect the vision. Blepharoplasty surgery, if deemed visually significant by an in-office exam may be covered by medical insurance.

BOTOX® can treat functional medical conditions such as benign essential blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm. A patient may notice excessive involuntary blinking such that it interferes with vision and activities of daily living such as reading or driving. Botox Cosmetic is also used for the purposes of improving the appearance of wrinkles such as frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines.

For both cosmetic and medically indicated Botox, small doses of Botox are injected into the affected muscles blocking the release of a chemical that would otherwise signal the muscle to contract. The medication thus paralyzes or weakens the injected muscle. The treatment usually begins to work within 24 to 48 hours and can last up to 4 months.

An in-office exam would help determine if Botox would be an appropriate treatment for you.

Source: Mayo Clinic

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